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Qingzhou Anmin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming an honest company, upholding the business philosophy of "manufacturing value, customer benefits first", and hopes to be able to use liquor filling machines, wine filling machines, glass water filling machines, and foliar fertilizers. Filling machines, lubricating oil filling machines, antifreeze filling machines and other packaging machinery companies have walked robustly, beautifully and long-term.

Career always comes from self-confidence, hard work, and people who love her. We sincerely thank all sectors of society for their long-term care and support for the company, and insist on: repaying with good products!

The company is located in the scenic and cultural city-Qingzhou, Shandong. It is located in the Qingzhou Economic Development Zone, at the intersection of Jiqing Expressway, Dongqing Expressway and 309 National Road. It is adjacent to Qingzhou Railway Station and has convenient transportation. Manufacturers that install mechanical equipment and supporting facilities. At present, the company mainly manufactures and sells liquor, wine, condiments, oil, antifreeze, drinking water and other liquid filling equipment, including liquor filling machine, wine filling machine, glass water filling machine, foliar fertilizer filling machine , Lubricating oil filling machine, antifreeze filling machine, bottle brushing machine, bottle washing machine, filling machine, rotary sealer, stopper, heat shrinking machine, dryer, conveyor, sealing machine, filter , Water treatment and other products.

Our company's products are used in wineries, drinking water plants, beverage plants, sauce and vinegar plants, oil chemicals and other industries. The company can undertake liquid filling production line project positioning analysis, engineering design, equipment process configuration, personnel training and other turnkey projects, and develop into a high-volume production line to meet user needs and create high value for users.

Qingzhou is one of the ancient nine prefectures. It has a rich history, long culture, historic sites and beautiful scenery. Qingzhou Anmin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes people from all walks of life to come to Qingzhou for sightseeing and guidance!

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