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Quality determines the market prospects of labeling machines

Date:2018-10-31 11:33:39 Hits:

Nowadays, with the changes in people's quality of life, people are paying more and more attention to information such as product production date and shelf life. The carrier of information is packaging, and labeling products is a way to realize information dissemination. The label on the package or product is the function of the labeling machine, beautiful products, and can also track and manage the products sold. It is important to the food industry. Even if abnormal products are recalled, they can be tracked.

At the end of the 1980s, our country's labeling machines had just started. At that time, as long as they imported and imitated the inferior quality labeling machines eliminated from abroad. Compared with foreign labeling machines in terms of actual function, performance, quality and appearance, this period can only rely on other labeling machines to meet the needs of the market. With the development of the economy, domestic labeling machines have gradually matured. Many companies producing labeling machines have emerged as they compete with each other to continuously increase the performance and quality of labeling machines. During this period, other labeling machines have gradually been squeezed out. The domestic labeling machine has changed in the competition, the change drives the development, the development is ushered in the change, the change brings prosperity, and the "quality" leap is gradually completed. As long as the quality is improved, the market prospect of the labeling machine can be bright.

At present, the quality requirements of the labeling machine on the market are: the error of the labeling machine should be less than or equal to 1mm (the overlap position of repeated labeling can reach this value); the label of the labeling machine should be flat, wrinkle-free, and bubble-free. The product fits and will not fall off automatically: the handwriting printed by the labeling machine is clearly visible, there is no overlap or blur, and the batch number position error is less than or equal to 1mm. Whether the rolling mechanism of the labeling machine is reasonably designed and processed directly affects the flatness of the labeling. The label must be in line contact with the surface of the bottle under rolling pressure. For the labeling quality, the drive components are required to be configured and the system is required to be closed-loop controlled. The motor itself corrects its position while compensating itself. The manufacturer of the labeling machine changed the detection method of detecting only the label printing to the thickness measurement according to its own strength. The control of the whole machine is to control the bottle conveying speed and the labeling speed, which may achieve the labeling ##. The production speed signal can be sent to the system synchronously, and then sent to the servo motor after analysis and calculation. The running speed of the two requires matching labeling. Only when the machine meets the above basic requirements can it gain a foothold in the market. Only a good labeling machine is favored by entrepreneurs, bringing high benefits to entrepreneurs and making their "business cards" attractive. It also brings convenience to consumers. A good labeling machine allows consumers to easily select the products they need from the wide range of products in the mall. It can be seen that quality is the handle of the labeling machine's survival.

For labeling machines, quality is very important, for companies, labeling is very important, so choosing a labeling machine with good quality and excellent performance is a key step for entrepreneurs to realize mechanical packaging.

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